West Frankfort, IL Two Car Collision, Sep 1993


West Frankfort, Ill. (AP) - A speeding car with a suspected drinking driver at the wheel broadsided a car carrying a family home from a reunion, killing seven people and seriously injuring an eighth.
The driver of the speeding car, TODD LUCAS, and a passenger, JOHN HOLLE, both 21, were killed along with FRANK SAAM, 45; his 43-year-old wife, YASUKO; their 6-year-old son, THEODORE; and SAAM'S 71-year-old parents, HENRY and NORMA SAAM.
An 18-year-old passenger in LUCAS' car was hospitalized in critical condition.
Witnesses told police that LUCAS had been driving at about 100 mph shortly before the crash early Sunday. At least one can of beer was found in the car, police said. Authorities awaited the results of tests on the driver.

Arizona Daily Star Tucson 1993-09-08