Rockford, IL Auto And Truck Head-On Crash, Jun 1957


Rockford, Ill. (AP) - A head-on car-truck collision on U.S. 51 has killed three persons and injured three others.
MRS. KATHERINE MATTINGLY, of Goodyear, Ariz., and her two grandchildren, KATHERINE JAMIE GEESER, 10, and NATALIE JEAN GEESER, 5, of North Park, Ill., were fatally injured Thursday.
MRS. PATRICIA A. GEESER, 32, Mrs. Mattingly's daughter and mother of the two dead children was hospitalized in critical condition. MRS. GEESER was driving the car.
Also hospitalized, but not in serious condition, was MARCUS HILSTAD, 36, of Rockford, driver of the big furniture van. His helper, JOE POLLARD, 53, of North Park, suffered minor injuries and was treated at a hospital.
HILSTAD told state police his brakes "grabbed"
and the truck veered sharply. No charges were placed pending an investigation, police said.

Mt. Vernon Register-News Illinois 1957-06-14