Marengo, IL Electric Car - Motorcycle Accident, Jul 1911


Electrician Has Narrow Escape in Collision in Marengo.

[Special from Marengo.]

Marengo, July 13 -- Floyd Jobe, electrician for the McHenry county telephone company narrowly escaped death this morning when his motorcycle collided with a west bound Elign [sic] and Belvidere electric car at the crossing of the main street in Marengo. The mortorcyclist [sic] was going at a speed of twenty-five of thirty miles an hour and could not stop in time to avoid collision with the car when he reached the crossing. He was badly shaken up and his knee severely hurt, but no serious results are expected from the accident. Ed Hall was the mortoman [sic] and Ed Reynolds the conductor on the interurban car.

Daily Register-Gazette, Rockford, IL 13 Jul 1911