Pittsfield, IL Greyhound Bus Accident, Aug 1946



Pittsfield - (Special to the Journal Courier) - The Illini Hospital admitted 32 persons injured in tonight's wreck of a Greyhound Kansas City to Chicago bus. One passenger, MRS. BAUMAN of Pittsfield, was killed. Six were treated for superficial injuries and were able to leave the hospital. Five or six, critically injured, were taken direct to the operating room without waiting for identification.
Jacksonville residents remaining in the hospital for treatment were:
MRS. FLORENCE WRIGHT, cuts on knee and head.
MISS DOROTHY WARSTELL, head injury. Her sister, MISS HELEN WARSTELL, at the Nurses' Home, State Hospital.
Other persons from this area who received treatment at the hospital were identified as:
DUKE BUGG, Winchester, broken arm and chest injury.
MARJORIE BAKER, Ashland, minor injury.
WARREN CAMPBELL, Barry, injury slight.
MIKE DOMOUWICKI, Springfield, minor injury.
JANE ETTA GODWIN and her sister HAZEL, also of Springfield, minor injuries.
Further information on the accident revealed that the bus turned over one mile east of the square on a bad curve in the highway where frequent accidents have occurred in the past. One Pittsfield resident reported that the top of the bus was torn off as the machine hit a telephone pole. Passengers buried under the wreckage had to be dug out of the mud.
Exactly how the accident occurred is still a matter of conjecture. Some passengers thought the driver took the curve too fast, others thought he was trying to dodge something on the road.

Pittsfield, Ill., Aug. 17 - (AP) - The Pike County sheriff's office said that a Greyhound bus overturned on Route 36 east of here tonight and that "at least three or four" persons were killed and "many others," injured.
The sheriff's office said that the death toll might be higher because many seriously injured persons had been taken from the wrecked bus and that the top and sides of the bus had been torn off in the accident and
"a lot of people pinned underneath."
The three or four accounted as dead represented bodies taken to mortuaries in Pittsfield.
First of the dead to be identified was MRS. WALTER BAUGHMAN, reported to the nearby Quincy Herald Whig to be from New Hartford, Ill. No such city is listed in the postal guide. MRS. BAUGHMAN was identified by her husband. It was not known immediately whether he had been a passenger on the bus.
The sheriff's office said that another Greyhound driver, at the wheel of another section of the Kansas City to Chicago run, the same run as the bus that was wrecked, called his office by telephone and reported the crash as "a very, very serious accident."
This driver told deputies that when he pulled alongside the overturned vehicle he climbed into the wreckage and rescued an injured baby.
"I couldn't stand to hear the baby cry," he told deputies.

Injured at Illini Hospital.
Deputies said there were 32 persons on the bus, which was due in Pittsfield at 9:30 p.m. EST. The accident happened about a mile east of Pittsfield.
The injured were taken to Illini Hospital in Pittsfield and a desk clerk at the Parkway Hotel here said that all available ambulances and taxicabs were pressed into service to carry the injured.
Attendants at the hospital said their facilities were taxed.
James Stipek, Greyhound Chicago superintendent, said that a Greyhound investigator from Springfield, Ill., was at the scene of the accident and would report to him on the casualties.
He said the driver of the first bus -the one that overturned - was a Greyhound employee named LIVINGSTONE, of Chicago. Driver of the second section was J. Kluth, also of Chicago.
News of the accident reached Jacksonville first from the Associated Press in Chicago. The local police were notified by radio from the Springfield state police to stand by if identification of Jacksonville injured should be necessary, but at 1 a.m. had not received any further call. About the same time H. P. Wright, at the Union Bus Station here received a call from Pittsfield to reassure him that his sister-in-law, Mrs. Florence Wright, who was on the wrecked bus, had escaped without injure except for a bump on her head.

Jacksonville Daily Journal Illinois 1946-08-18