Calendonia, IL Creamery Fire, Dec 1914

Fire Nearly Burned Up Caledonia Sunday

Blaze Threatened Entire Village and Had it Not Been for Heroic Work of Volunteer Fire Brigade Serious Damage Would Have Been Done.

(Special to Republic.)
Caledonia, Dec. 15.-Fire which started from an unknown source gutted the Kee and Chapple creamery here Sunday night and for a time threatened the entire village.

Valient (sic) work on the part of the townspeople save the town from disastrous fire and p reduced the blaze to a smouldering (sic) smoke-pot inside of two hours. Help from Poplar Grove came just before the fire was under control and the visitors piled in and worked with vengeance. D.C. Ralston was overcome by the elements and smoke was forced to be taken to his home by a physician. His recovery was but a matter of a few hours.

The damage will not amount to over $1,000, insurance covering the loss.

Republic, Rockford, IL 15 Dec 1914


Sunday Fire Damages Caledonia Creamery

(Special to The Morning Star.)
Caledonia, Dec. 14.-A fire broke out Sunday afternoon about 4 o’clock in the north end of the creamery belonging to Kee and Chapple and at one time it was feared the a large part of the town would be wiped out, but the heroic efforts of every one in Caledonia saved the main part of the building. Mr. Peterson, the foreman of the creamery wishes to thank every one in town for their assistance in fighting the fire, and also those who from the country rushed to aid in any way. Especially does he wish to thank the men from Poplar Grove, who came and freely offered the use of their fire hose and assistance.

Morning Star, Rockford, IL 15 Dec 1914