Rockford, IL Auto Accidents, Oct 1938

2 Badly Hurt In Accidents

Injured Boy Taken To Hospital He Left Only Recently

Two persons were seriously hurt in two automobile accidents on city streets yesterday afternoon and last night.

Harold Faith, Jr., 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Faith, 1346 Bolivin avenue, who recently was able to leave St. Anthony hospital after 16 weeks of medical care, was back in the hospital yesterday, this time suffering from a fractured left leg.

The boy was hit by an automobile driven by Vincent Attardo, 47, 1802 Montague street, at Harlem boulevard and Ellsworth place.

According to the police report, the boy, after getting off a bus, ran in front of the bus and into the path of the northbound automobile.

At St. Anthony hospital, it was found he had suffered a fracture of the left leg just below the knee.

Arthur Swenson, 45, 2124 Magnolia street, suffered a fractured nose and severe facial lacerations at 8:30 o’clock last night when the car in which he was riding and another car collided head-on on 15th avenue at Magnolia street.

John Petroski, 1536 9th street, driver of the car in which Swenson was riding, was arrested by Police Officers Stanton Kreger and Ivar Johnson on a charge of drunken driving. He suffered minor bruises and cuts.

According to the police report, Petroski was driving east on the wrong side of 15th avenue when his car crashed with a machine driven west on 15th avenue by John R. Helbig, 41, 911 Whitman street. The Helbig car then struck a parked car.

The Petroski car and the Helbig care were badly wrecked. Swenson was trapped in the wreckage of Petroski’s car. He was extricate by the police officers. Swenson and Petroski were taken to St. Anthony hospital in the police ambulance.

Morning Star, Rockford, IL 23 Oct 1938