Rockford, IL Taxicab - Auto Wreck, Oct 1938

Elgin Salesman Hurt As Taxicab Hits Parked Car

Harold R. Young, 43, Elgin salesman, suffered a number of bruises and minor cuts at 12:30 a.m. today when the taxicab in which he was riding knocked down a U.S. route 20 sign and struck a parked car on State street just west of the Henrietta avenue intersection.

The driver of the cab, Robert Snider, 21, 508 North Rockton avenue, told police he swerved his car over the curbing to avoid a collision with a machine coming off of North Henrietta avenue.

Police Officers Clarence Read and Russell Forson said the driver of the second machine, Elmer Nelson, 20, Winnebago, told them his foot slipped off the brake pedal and he was unable to stop his car until it was in the middle of the intersection.

After knocking down the steel sign post, the cab came to a stop wedged between the car of Harold Crompton, 26, Harrison, and a tree. Both the cab and Crompton’s car was extensively damaged.

After treatment at Rockford hospital, Young was able to resume his trip to the Union Depot where he planned to catch a bus for Elgin.

Morning Star, Rockford, IL 23 Oct 1938