Lincoln, IL Lightning Strike, May 1892

Struck By Lightning

An Illinois Farmer Killed and His Wife Injured.

Lincoln, Ills.,(sic) May 3-- ALEXANDER MELTON was instantly killed by lightning Monday morning at 7 o’clock. His wife was so badly injured that she cannot recover. Mr. and Mrs. PERKINS, also occupants of the house, were knocked down and paralyzed. The bolt struck the house while Mr. and Mrs. MELTON were standing at an open door. After the bolt reached the ceiling it spread in four directions and emerged, leaving four large holes in the frame walls.

Singed The Flesh

The main bolt descended through Melton into the floor, and thence to the ground. Mr. MELTON’S death was instantaneous, his clothes set on fire, the shoe torn from the left foot and his body left black and blue, besides being singed in a sickening manner. Mrs. MELTON was standing with her right side to her husband, and that side is paralyzed from head to foot. Her death is imminent. The house is wrecked.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 4 May 1892