Quincy, IL Tornado, Apr 1880

QUINCY, ILL., April 25.--Friday night the northern part of this county was special to the Whig gives the following particulars: It struck the east side of Lima Township about 7:30 o'clock, taking a northeasterly direction through Keene Township, into the northern part of Houston Township. Eye-witnesses of the approaching storm say it was a frightful looking black cloud, lined with fleecy white, funnel-shaped clouds, and moved in the manner of a screw propeller. It proceeded with wonderful velocity, literally destroying and blowing away everything in its path, which was about half a mile wide. Large-sized trees were twisted off, and the bark literally peeled from the small trees. Houses were blown from their foundations. Cattle, hogs, sheep and poultry were whirled into the air and carried a great distance. The noise of the storm and crash of the falling buildings were terrifying, and made the scene a terror that beggars description. Eleven houses are reported leveled to the ground, besides barns, sheds, and out buildings. No persons are reported killed, but a number were seriously injured.

St Joseph Herald, Saint Joseph, MI 1 May 1880