Chicago, IL Airplane Plunges into Houses, Dec 1972

Where the plane crashed, photo from

List of Injured

CHICAGO (AP) - Here is a list released by Holy Cross Hospital of persons injured Friday when a United Air Lines jet crashed into a residential section on the South Side.
The hospital said the injured were passengers aboard the plane.
LAURA WEST, Chicago, good condition.
LINDA WEST, Chicago, poor.
HAROLD W. GREEN, Park Forest, good.
JOHN RAUEN, Naperville, good.
WALTER PATTERSON, Omaha, Neb., good.
NANCY PARKER, Whiting, Ind., good.
DELORES PENDREY, Chicago, good.
WILBUR ERICKSON, Omaha, Neb., good.
ALOYSIUS WEISER, Lockport, good.
MARGARITE McCAUSLAND, Reston, Va., critical.
HAROLD METCALFE, Tinley Park, treated and released.
MARVIN ANDERSON, South Holland, treated and released.
ART SHERWOOD, Chicago, treated and released.
GEANNE SHERWOOD, Chicago, treated and released.
JUDITH SHERWOOD, Chicago, transferred to Michael Reese Hospital.

Anderson Daily Bulletin Indiana 1972-12-09


Jetliner told to circle

CHICAGO (AP) - A jetliner that ploughed into a residential neighborhood, killing at least 45 persons, was told shortly before the crash to make a second landing approach because another plane was still on the runway, a federal investigator said Saturday.
WILLIAM LAMB of the National Transportation Safety Board said the last communication between the plane's pilot and Midway Airport control tower Friday was "instructions to circle around make a new landing approach."
The plane, carrying 61 persons, crashed into a residential area a half-mile from the airport. Two of the dead were believed to be residents of the neighborhood. Eighteen aboard the plane survived.
LAMB said the control tower made the "missed approach" instruction because a twin-engine, medium-size business lane that had preceded the jetliner had not yet cleared the runway.
LAMB said such a procedure is a normal safety regulation.
C. L. MILLER, director of the board's bureau of aviation safety, said "it would be very premature to attach any significance to (the relation between) the missed approach and the accident as such."
The 15-man investigation team of the National Transportation Safety Board imposed tight security at the crash scene half a mile from Midway Airport. Intersections within a two-block radius were blocked to traffic. Pedestrians were stopped a block away.

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Whitey and Walt, sure

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