Chicago, IL University of Chicago Fire, Dec 1897


Narrow Esceae[sic] of a Janitor and His Wife During a Fire.

Chicago, Dec. 25.---This morning for the third time flames destroyed the building of the Quadrangle Club of the University of Chicago. There were seven persons in the building at the time and all escaped. Two of these, however, were more or less hurt. The janitor and his wife were asleep on the third floor when the fire broke out and without stopping to dress, they made a rope of the bedclothes, as the escape to the stairway was out, and lowered themselves safely. The loss will amount to $50,000. The Quadrangle Club is composed of professors and post graduate students of the University. The building, it is said, was owned by the university, and the loss will fall on the institution. They lose heavily on the furnishings, which includes a number of valuable paintings, sculptures, etc.

The Macon Telegraph, Macon, GA 26 Dec 1897