Chicago, IL Stove Explosion, May 1896



Chicago, May 25. -- By the explosion of a gasoline stove on Townsend Street a family of six persons was almost exterminated. Four are dead and a fifth is so badly burned that death is almost certain.
The names of the dead are:
OTTO MALM, carpenter, 32 years old.
SIMA MALM, 8 years old.
HILYA MALM, 6 years old.
OTTO MALM, JR., 3 years old.
The injured:
MRS. ELLA MALM, 33 years old, burned about the hands, arms and face; will recover.
ELLEN MALM, 8 years old, severely burned about head and body; will probably die.
MRS. MALM, the wife and mother, had arisen to prepare breakfast and her husband and children were still asleep in bed. She lighted a gasoline stove, when the reservoir which holds the supply of oil exploded, throwing the burning fluid about the room. Before the sleeping members of the family could be taken out or even warned they were shut in by flames and burned almost to a crisp. When the explosion occurred MRS. MALM rushed frantically from the dwelling and screamed for help. She then returned to the house, soon reappearing with her 3 year old child in her arms. Pieces of burning clothing still adhered to the burned flesh of the babe and it died shortly afterward. The screams of the mother had by this time brought the neighbors to the scene. Firemen rushed into the rooms and removed the inmates, while water was thrown upon the flames. The mother's burns were attended to by the doctors, and it was found they were comparatively slight.

Carroll Sentinel Iowa 1896-05-25