Eldena, IL Train And Truck Collision, Sept 1966


Eldena, Ill. (AP) -- A tragic train-truck accident in the northwestern Illinois community of Eldena has taken the lives of five schoolboys and the elderly man drving them home.
The victims were killed Tuesday in a collision of an Illinois Central freight train and an open pickup truck driven by EVERETT MULLINS, 73, the school janitor. One of the boys was riding in the cab of the truck, the others were riding in the open bed.
The boys helped MULLINS load a grader on the truck and then jumped on the rear to steady the equipment. The grader was being hauled across the tracks which are approximately 75 feet from the elementary school. All the boys were students at the school.
The victims were: JAMES SHOEMAKER, 12, Eldena; WILLIAM BOTHE, 13, Amboy; REID MILLER, 12, Amboy; ROBERT MICHAEL ENLOW, 14, Amboy, and MARTIN A CRUZE, 13, Dixon.

Muscatine Journal Iowa 1966-09-21


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Jon, it's Carl. I'm now in

Jon, it's Carl. I'm now in NC.

that day in eldena

my daughter called me to tell me that she had found this info on the internet. we talked about that time and that day. I have lived in Mn since 1969; my brother is now living in North Carolina


My daughter called to tell me that see found this info on the internet. We talked about that day and time for
awhile. She actually hAd found another site with this info on it. I found this and decided to write a note.
Jimmy's younger brother is living in North Caroline; I have been in Mn since 1969

I am the niece of James

I am the niece of James Shoemaker...... I can not imagine what such a great loss would be like in such a small community! What it was like to go back to school when that accident probably elimanated the whole class. If you are really interested in reconnecting I have some info regarding my family.

Jon Lippert "That Day In Eldena"

Jon Lippert I am sending this in Hopes that you read it. Kyle Krebs who still lives in Eldena, next to the school. Would like to hear from you. Email me at [email protected] and leave a # where you can be reached.
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Train/Truck Accident in Eldena, IL

I was about 9 when that happened, we lived in Eldena then and still do.. it was such a sad awful thing.. they put us all in one class room and pulled the shades down so we couldn't see out the windows.. and we couldn't leave to go home until later than usual dismissal time.. some of the kids were crying..

That day in Eldena.

I was in the school that day and my life has never been the same. I now live in South Carolina and would like to reconnect with some of the people from back then. I was a 7th grader and the boys were all 8th graders.


i can remember that. happening my dad and i where at the feed store getting cattle feed . when it happen I remember my dad and the guys from the store and the grain company running over to help.and my dad telling me to stay the [email protected]# their. and i did .they all came back crying .he didnt say a work all the way home. not theirs no traintracks and no school. i was seven at the time..