Morgan County, IL Tornado, May 1880


[Special to the Republican.]
JACKSONVILLE, Ill., May 10. --- A most terrific tornado passed over the southeastern part of this county last evening, totally demolishing a number of dwellings, and resulting in the death of three persons and the wounding of many others. A large dwelling near Woodlawn, belonging to JERRY COX, was torn to pieces. MR. COX'S wife and a servant girl named MAGGIE CAIN were instantly killed. MR. COX had a thigh dislocated and one leg broken. His mother and father, both aged persons, were seriously injured. The dwelling of JAMES BECKMAN was also demolished. His wife was fatally injured, and his little daughter was instantly killed. FRANK MANN and SON were dangerously injured.

The cyclone began its destructive work some two miles southwest of MR. COX house and travelled in a southeasterly direction some five miles, when it left the earth. The depot at Woodlawn was torn into kindling-wood. Everything in the path of the storm, which varied from half to a mile in width, was destroyed. Barns, trees and fences were swept away, and hundreds of sheep, hogs, cattle and horses were killed. Chickens and other fowls were divested of their feathers as if plucked away by skilled hands. The loss of property will be very great.

A terrific rain followed, flooding the whole country and doing immense damage. A young man named EMMET SIEVERE, at Murraysville, this county, was struck by lightning and instantly killed last evening.

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