Bunker Hill, IL Train Wreck, Aug 1857

[From the Missouri Democrat of the 17th.]
Accident on the Terre Haute, Alton, and St. Louis Railroad.

On Saturday evening, about eight o'clock, as the westward bound passenger train on the Terre Haute, Alton and St. Louis Railroad had reached a point about one mile from Bunker Hill, Illinois, the locomotive broke through a bridge which was constructed over a small creek or ravine. The baggage and express cars were, at the same time, precipitated beyond the engine, and down a steep embankment into the ravine.

The car next the emigrant car, containing a number of ladies and gentlemen, fell in after the engine and was turned up on its forward end. At the time of the accident a hard thunder-storm was prevailing, which added to the terror of the occasion. Another thing which contributed to the dismay of the passengers was the communication of fire to a portion of the train by the explosion of the engine. The flames, notwithstanding the rain, were spreading rapidly, but by the exertions of the passengers were subdued.

EDWARD WARDEN, fireman, was instantly killed. MR. WILCOX, engineer, was badly hurt and burned. The baggage master of the train, whose name we were unable to obtain, and B. DEMING, a brakeman, were hurt, but not seriously.

As if the heavens had conspired to add terror and death to the scene, a little girl, the daughter of a MR. TEMPLER, was struck by lightning just after the explosion of the engine took place, and was instantly killed.

Philadelphia Press Pennsylvania 1857-08-20