Ottawa, IL Electric Car - Carriage Wreck, Sept 1908


OTTAWA, Ill., Sept. 3. -- Two persons were killed, two fatally hurt, and three were seriously injured near here last night when an electric car on the Illinois Valley railway struck the carriage in which were seated WALTER SNELL, a wealthy farmer and a party of six persons. The dead: daughter of MR. AND MRS. SNELL, 12 years old; and a son of MR. AND MRS. SNELL, 8 years old. The fatally injured are MRS. MAMIE TOWNSEND and daughter of MR. AND MRS. SNELL, 15 years old. The seriously injured: MR. AND MRS. SNELL and son, and son of MRS. TOWNSEND, 8 years old.

The crash occurred at a point where the road crosses the electric line a few miles from Ottawa. The road is not well lighted and near the crossing there is a sharp curve which prevented MR. SNELL who was driving from seeing the approaching car. The carriage was directly in the center of the track when the car coming at top speed crashed into it. All the occupants of the carriage were thrown far from the track and the carriage completely wrecked. The horses were also thrown away from the track. The car was not damaged and none of the passengers were injured.

Durango Wage Earner Colorado 1908-09-10