Beardstown, IL Flood, Apr 1922


Illinois River Rising---Thousands Made Homeless.

BEARDSTOWN, Ill., April 14.---Waters of the Illinois river continued rising today and three fourths of the population of this city of 8,500 had been driven from their home or were residing in their second story rooms. Half of the area of the city is under water. Railroad tracks of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy the only road still able to operate trains here, were threatened by the rising waters. A force of 300 men worked to maintain the roadbed. Another large force was at work on the south Beardstown levee which protects 6,000 acres of wheat lands.

During the night thirty more families were compelled to leave their homes and join the refugees on the high lands. Some difficulty is being experienced in maintaining sanitary conditions as many of the sewers have been broken.

So far it is difficult to estimate the damage but valuable stocks in several stores have been ruined. The crest of the flood is not expected for another day at least.

Hamilton Daily News, Hamilton, OH 14 Apr 1922