Chambers, ID Train Accident Mar 1920

Henry Craft Hurt
Last Friday morning as the local train was coming from Pullman, Henry Craft met with an accident that might have proven quite serious had the train not been stopped at the instant it was.
The train was "spotting" cars at one of the warehouses at Chambers and Mr. Craft was on the side of one of the cars, about the third rung from the top, and was giving signals to the engineer. He was leaning out from the side so that he might be seen by the engineer, when he struck the warehouse and was knocked to the ground, striking his head and was rendered unconsious.
In falling his feet were jammed against the rail in such a manner that had the train not been stopped instantly there is little doubt but that both his feet would have been cut off by being pushed onto the rail by the wheels. He was slightly cut at the back of the head and on the forehead.
He was brought to Uniontown where he was attended by Dr. Burg and was than brought home to Genesee. He is getting along as well as could be expected.

The Genesee News, Genesee, ID 12 Mar 1920