Weiser, ID Train Wreck, Feb 1893


One Young Lady Killed and Many Persons Injured by a Wreck on the Union Pacific Near Weiser, Idaho.

BOISE, Idaho, Feb. 6. --- Word was received here to-night of a bad break on the Union Pacific road thirteen miles west of Weiser. The cast-bound passenger train was wrecked by the spreading of the rails, owing to defective ties. One young lady, MISS EMMA EGAN, from Chicago, was killed, and fifteen were badly injured.

As soon as those who were not injured, together with the trainmen, could recover from the shock they immediately went to the assistance of those who were less fortunate, and found that of all the passengers aboard there was but one killed.

Those most seriously injured were:
MRS. KEHOE, of Portland, Ore., who was caught under one of the chairs in such a manner that her feet were doubled up under her head resting on them. She was in such a position that she had to be cut out with axes;
J. C. RODDELL, of Markville, Minn.;
L. J. LEWIS, of Cornwallis, Minn.

While their injuries were painful they will recover.

Among those suffering from slight bruises are:
JOSEPH PAHN, New York city;
M. F. GREMT, of Weiser, Idaho;
B. F. IPS, of La Grande, Ore.,
C. P. FIFER, of Nebraska, and
JOHN CULLEN DANIELS, of Huntington, Ore., the baggageman, was burned about the head, hand and arms by the coal-stove.

The Rolla New Era Missouri 1893-02-18