Rome, GA Tornado, Apr 1921

At the Wyatt Book Store a plate glass over the show or display windows was blown out, three show cases were broken and the picture rack was demolished.

A pair of penny weighing scales was torn up in front of the Strand movie theatre and a traffic sign at Broad and Third avenue was blown over.

The following sustained broken plate glass windows: Bartlett Automotive Equipment Co., Gammon's, G. H. Hays, the McDonald Furniture Co., O. Willingham and several of the fronts of the wholesale houses on the west side of Broad street between First and Second avenues.

Many small windows, awnings and signs were caught and broken down. Trees were blown down in the yards of Wade Hoyt, 603 West First street ; 600 Broad street, corner of Sixth avenue ; J. W. Bryson, 10 Seventh avenue, the old W. M. Towers place (large tree against center of house) ; the old Underwood cottage, across West First street from the Bryson home (large tree took off corner and rested against house) ; the cottage of Miss Julia Omberg, next door to the Lanham place on West First street ; the home between the Wade Hoyt place and the Oostanaula river. Limbs were strewn over the yard of Ed Maddox at Broad and Seventh avenue, and across Fifth avenue back of the Hotel Forrest.

A large sugar berry tree at the corner of The Rome News office blew toward the building, narrowly missing P. J. Fulcher, a farmer living on the Central Grove road beyond the Berry Schools, and demolishing a Ford automobile owned by F. C. Bennett, of 13 Fourth avenue, and the Fulcher buggy. Mr. Fulcher had just taken his horse out of the vehicle. A falling wire burnt him slightly on the right hand. An American Railway Express Co. delivery wagon was passing at Fourth avenue and West First when the tree crashed down. The wind blew the wagon over on its side and threw out the driver, Geo. W. Turner, and a lot of large empty pasteboard cartons, one of which was blown into the hole left by the tree roots. The horse ran away down Broad street, probably to the express company stable.

Parts of two chimneys were blown off The News building into an alley near the Oostanaula river.

The tornado swept up the Oostanaula, raising the water about 12 feet, according to two men who were sitting on the end of a platform of the Atlantic Ice & Coal Corporation plant, on Fourth avenue and the river. The tail of the thing swept within 35 feet of them, snapping off several limbs and curving in front of the Rome Laundry Company across the street and carrying a shower of roof tin with it, after which it hit the tree at The News corner. Then it twisted to the left of the courthouse and stripped enough tin off the Davis Foundry & Machine Co. to smash a plate glass window or so of the Dodge Automobile agency at Fifth avenue and West First street.

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