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Atlanta, GA Blasting Powder Explosion, Nov 1885

Atlanta, GA Blasting Powder Explosion, Nov 1885

Blown to Atoms.

Atlanta, Ga., November 5. – Two colored men, Wm. KENNEBREAD and Phil JOHNSON, well-diggers, were blown to atoms yesterday by an explosion of blasting powder. Thirty feet down they struck granite, and commenced drilling for the purpose of blowing up the rock. After one explosion they descended and drilled several more holes inserting explosives. Instantly an explosion followed when the two bodies were shot up 500 feet in the air. One fell on the ground 100 feet from the well, horribly mutilated. The other shot straight up in the air and fell back into the well.

Galveston Daily News, Galveston, TX 6 Nov 1885

article | by Dr. Radut