Atlanta, GA Fire Destroys 100 Blocks, May 1917

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Started In A Storage Plant.

The blaze started in the Skinner Storage Company’s building on Decatur Street, east of Fort. It burned several blocks of surrounding small houses clean, jumped over five low brick buildings and a row of small shacks, and then swept on into the better residence sections. A large part of the devastation, however, was in the neighborhoods composed largely of homes ranging in value from $2,500 to $6,000.

Some of the most serious losses were in the section where dynamite was used, scores of pretty homes in a comparatively new district of the city being blown up in the hope of checking the advance of the flames.

Between Edgewood Avenue and Decatur Street, at the start of the fire, the flames confined themselves to the section between Boulevard and Hilliard Street. At Edgewood they moved eastward as far as Prospect place in spots, wiping out a block now and then. Practically the entire section, bounded by Hilliard Street on the west, Prospect Place on the east, Edgewood Avenue on the south, and North Avenue on the north, was laid waste.

At North Avenue, North Jackson Street became the western boundary, and with a slight change in the wind the fire moved steadily on in a northeasterly direction. It never got nearer than seven blocks to Peachtree Street, the main thoroughfare of the city, although at times a momentary change of wind threatened in that direction.