Miami Beach, FL Glass Bottom Boat Explosion and Sinking, Dec 1930

Check Shows Six Killed in Boat Blast.

135 Survive Explosion That Sunk Glass Bottomed Eureka II.

Miami Beach, Fla., Dec. 15 (AP).-A check Monday accounted for 135 survivors of a fire and explosion that sank the excursion boat Eureka II., Fifteen miles south of here late Sunday.

Three bodies had been recovered and it was said possibly three persons were missing.

Uncertainty as to the exact number of persons aboard the glass-bottomed boat at the time of the disaster made it virtually impossible for authorities to determine if all had been accounted for. First reports had said 135 persons were aboard.

Authorities thought it probable that Mrs. Mary Holler of Milwaukee, Frank J. Keefe of Providence, R.I., and J. S. Haig of Pomona, Cal., were aboard but no report had been heard of them.

Managers of hotels where they were registered said the three had planned to go on the excursion trip and had not returned to the hotels. It was not definitely known, however, that they were aboard.

First reports were that there were 130 survivors, but later that figures was increased to 135.

The known dead were H.C. GRIMM, 60, McCook, Neb., a passenger; CLARENCE VINE, 30, Haverhill, Mass., and MRS. MAMIE SAWYER, 45, Miami.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 16 Dec 1930