Miami, FL Auto Plunges Into Stream, Feb 1957


Miami, Fla. (AP) - Seven counts of manslaughter were charged yesterday against RALPH EVANS, whose wife and five sons drowned with another lad in the plunge of EVANS' car into a stream Saturday night.
"It was an unavoidable accident," EVANS said in a Dade County Jail cell. "You can't get manslaughter out of it."
Bail was set at $5,000 for arraignment before Peace Justice Hugo Duval, who issued manslaughter warrants to Constable W. M. Hudson.
The constable said mechanical condition of EVANS' 11-year-old car was the basis of the charges.
EVANS was quoted by police as first saying his brakes failed in an attempt to straighten out after a turn. At the jail, he told newsmen he believed the brakes held and blamed the accident on refusal of the car to straighten out on loose gravel.
EVANS, 50-year-old Hialeah Gardens junk dealer, and EDWIN McDONNOUGH, 58, an acquaintance were only survivors of a party of nine the car carried into eight feet of water near EVANS' home.
The two men struggled through an open window on the driver's side and tried in vain to extricate MRS. TERESA EVANS, 22, and the six children trapped in the overturned car.
Dead in the tragedy besides MRS. EVANS, were:
and five EVANS children; GEORGE, 5; HENRY, 4; RAYMOND, 2; and LOUIS and ANTHONY 6-month-old twins.

Indiana Gazette Pennsylvania 1957-02-12