Clermont, FL Major League Pitchers Boating Accident, Mar 1993

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Eustis, Fla. (AP) - The silver and gray power boat suffered little damage. Just some scratches on the sides and a cracked plastic cover on its 150-horsepower Yamaha engine.
It's not until you lift an orange tarp behind the passenger seat reveals its deadly secret - the bloody legacy of a nighttime crash that killed two Cleveland Indians and injured a third.
The 18-foot fiberglass boat, impounded by authorities after the accident that killed pitchers TIM CREWS and STEVE OLIN, sits on a trailer in a Lake County garage. Its speedometer is stuck on 39 mph, its throttle full forward.
Officials believe the boat went under a dock on idyllic Little Lake Nellie near Clermont, about 30 miles south of Eustis. CREWS, OLIN and fellow pitcher BOB OJEDA, who was in stable but serious condition late Tuesday following surgery, apparently slammed into the dock jutting out from a house across the lake from CREWS' new home.
Ambulances and a helicopter dominated the scene Monday night.
Bob Tracy, a Lake County sheriff's deputy, went in the ambulance taking OJEDA to the hospital.
"He had pretty severe head lacerations. He was disoriented, he couldn't remember what happened,
but he could talk," Tracy said.
"He told me he was BOB OJEDA and played for the Cleveland Indians, and that they were in spring training down here in Winter Haven."

New York Times New York 1993-03-22