Fulford, FL Auto Wreck, Jun 1922

Nearly Strangles When Auto Upsets

Buena Vista Contractor Pinned Face Down in Pool of Water; Two Others Thrown Out.

With his head pinned beneath the top of the front seat of an automobile which he was driving, E.F. Lasseter, contractor of Buena Vista, was almost strangled to death early yesterday evening in a pool of water on the road to Fulford.

The automobile is said to have skidded on the slippery roadbed as a result of the rain. It turned completely over and caught Mr. Lasseter under the seat, pinning his head, face down in the shallow pool of water.

Mr. Lasseter, with two other occupants of the automobile, were entering the highway which leads down the beach to Miami Beach when the accident happened. Others in the party were thrown out, but were not injured. The size of the victim of the accident is said to have helped sustain the weight of the machine without other serious injuries-he is a large man, weighing more than 200 pounds. Besides being badly strangled and almost drowned, he suffered bruises about the face.

Passersby pulled the automobile off of the prostrate man and he was taken to an adjoining residence. An ambulance of the King Undertaking company was summoned and he was brought to the Riverview Hospital in Miami, where his injuries were treated by Dr. O.G. McKenzie. The attending physician reported last night that Mr. Lasseter would probably be out of the hospital within a few days.

Miami Herald Record, Miami, FL 6 Jun 1922