Pensacola, FL Greyhound Bus Crash, Dec 1965


Pensacola, Fla. (AP) -- A Greyhound bus enroute to New Orleans, went out of control on a rain-slick highway near here in pre-dawn darkness Sunday, killing the driver and three passengers.
All the 19 others aboard were injured four of them critically.
The dead were CARL EDWARD DUCE, 45, of Pensacola, the driver; ROBERT SWEARINGEN, 45, of Homerville, Ga.; MRS. BLANCHE KEWETT, 56, of Lake Worth, Fla., and a woman still unidentified.
The injured were admitted to Escambia General, Baptist and Sacred Heart Hospitals, all in Pensacola, and two were sent to Mobile General Hospital in nearby Mobile, Ala.
Sgt. Duerwood Willis of the Escambia County sheriff's department, said the bus left Pensacola only minutes before it rolled over on U.S. 90, throwing several occupants onto the roadway at 5:52 a.m. (CST) in a drizzling rain.
"People were lying all over the road," Willis said. "The driver had gone part way through the window. The windshield was gone and most windows were broken."
"The bus had turned over on the left side. The front was six feet off the highway and the back was at a 45-degree angle. There were no other vehicles involved. We just don't know yet what happened."
"Some bystanders had brought out some of the passengers, but we had to go into the back to bring out others. One of the dead was pinned under the bus and two others were outside. We don't know if they had been thrown out on impact or if someone moved them outside."

Daily Kennebec Journal News Maine 1965-12-13


Pensacola Greyhound Bus Accident December 12, 1965

My grandparents were killed in this accident, traveling to our home in New Orleans from New Smyrna Beach, Florida. for the Christmas Holidays. My grandmother, Frankie Taylor Bennett was thrown from the bus and died instantly. My grandfather, Troy Curtis Bennett died three days later in the hospital of the injuries sustained. At the time we were told about half the passengers on the bus died, so. I believe there were more than 5 deaths.