Washington, DC Car Inspector Killed in Train Accident, Jun 1904

Car Inspector Ashley Moseley Instantly Killed Under Wheels.

Accident Occurred in Washington-Southern Freight Yards---The Wheatley-Swan Wedding.


621 King Street Alexandria, Va. Ashley Moseley, a car inspector in the employ of the Washington-Southern Railway, was instantly killed in the freight yards a short distance west of this city about noon yesterday. While trying to cross a track Mosely was struck by a freight car which was making a "flying switch" or, in other words was traveling from the momentum given it by a locomotive, and was knocked under the wheels. His head was severed and his body mangled. The accident was witnessed by a brakeman named Watkins, who shortly afterward reported the circumstances to Dr. William R. Purvis, the city coroner. Watkins stated that he saw Moseley approaching the track, and called to him to stop but that the unfortunate man apparently became dazed and tried to save himself by catching hold of the narrow platform of the car instead of jumping aside. Dr. Purvis decided that Moseley's death was due to accident and that an inquest was unnecessary. The remains were turned over to an undertaker and prepared for burial. Moseley lived at Moseley Junction, near Richmond, and the body will be sent there for interment.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 1 Jul 1904