Washington, DC Washington Monument Struck by Lightning, May 1904

Lightning Struck The Great Shaft

Bolt Entered Top Of Washington Monument And Followed Iron Work To Ground

Washington, May 13.-Colonel Symons, in charge of public buildings and grounds, has reported to General Mackenzie, chief of engineers, that the Washington Monument was struck by lightning on the 27th ult., but was not greatly damaged.

The bolt entered at the top of the shaft, out the telephone there, passed down the iron framework in the elevator shaft to the lower floor, through the shaft alley to the motor room, where it burned out a relay coil on the switchboard, then passed along the electric cable to the engine room in the boiler house, where it entered the ground.

The boiler house is several hundred feet distant from the monument. Lightning arresters have now been placed in the motor room to protect the switchboard and machinery.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 14 May 1904