Washington, DC Street Car Accident, Sept 1904


John Downey, a Post-office Clerk, Probably Fatally Injured.

John Downey, twenty-seven years old, of 206 Jackson street, Anacostia, was probably fatally injured yesterday while trying to board a moving trolley car at the corner of Jackson and Monroe streets, Anacostia. He was taken to the Providence Hospital, where it was discovered that his skull was fractured. Last night his condition was reported as critical.

Downey, who is a clerk in the post-office, was to go on duty at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and leaving his home a few minutes after 3 o'clock, he had just about time to reach his desk on schedule. He was still several yards from the corner of Monroe street when car No. 1102, of the Anacostia line, city-bound, passed. He was still too far away to signal the motorman, as he started in pursuit.

Running as fast as he could, he managed to grasp the rear rail of the last car, but he was unequal to the task of swinging himself aboard. No one noticed him hanging there and as the speed of the car increased, he was lifted from his feet, dragged some distance, and when his strength became exhausted and he was forced to let go, he fell with such force that he was thrown almost on the sidewalk. His head struck the edge of the curbing, and he lay in the street unconscious. Pedestrians who witnessed the accident called Dr. James A. Watson and Dr. Cameron, and they placed temporary dressings on Downey's head until he could be removed to the hospital in the patrol wagon of the Anacostia police station.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 24 Sept 1904