Wilmington, DE Sled Accident, Feb 1912

Wilmington, Del., Feb. 2 - - While a large sled containing twenty young men and women was coasting at the rate of more than a mile a minute on a steep hill on West Fourth street here last night the steering gear gave way. The sled crashed into a fire plug with fearful results.

Robert McFarland, aged 20, the steersman, was fatally hurt. He was injured internally, a leg broken and his face severely cut. He was removed unconscious to the Delaware hospital

Four others were seriously injured, while the remainder of the twenty coasters were all more or less hurt.

The seriously injured, other than McFarland, are:
Miss Margaret McDonough, 20, injured internally; leg broken, head cut. nose smashed; condition critical.
Ralph F. A. Cawthrop, 20, head severely cut, seven teeth knocked out, badly bruised.
T. Bayard O'Toole, 17, head cut, leg sprained.
Miss Mary Conway, 20, head lacerated; seriously bruised.

The sled was being timed on a measured half mile course. It had covered the distance repeatedly in less than half a minute.

Syracuse Herald, Syracuse, NY 2 Feb 1912