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Rehoboth Beach, DE Lighthouse In Danger, Feb 1920

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The lower end of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware's only seashore resort, is strewn with wrecked cottages today and the famous Cape Henlopen Lighthouse is threatened with destruction, the result of the worst storm ever experienced at the restort. The total damage so far is estimated at $125,000.
Pounding seas and heavy winds ruined the $35,000 bulkhead, built three years ago at Rehoboth Beach, ripped up the entire boardwalk tore away the porches of many cottages, and for a time seemed about to wipe out the entire cottage colony.
At the lower end of the resort, known as Dewey Beach, about twenty-five cottages were torn from their foundations and washed out to sea. Only four cottages were standing this morning as the seas and winds moderated.
For a hundred years the Cape Henlopen Lighthouse has held aloft its beacon for inicoming mariners. Today its foundations are almost washed away. Residents there fear that another heavy sea will cause the tower to topple into the bay.
All the cottages at the upper end of the beach withstood the battering of wind and waves but one, that of Harry L. Cooper, who lives at Denton, Maryland. His cottage is a wreck.
The summer residences of George W. McCullough, Wilmington, and Mrs. T. C. ROdel, of Baltimore, were badly damaged. The porches of nearly all the northend cottages were wrecked.
The Rehoboth Beach life-saving station stood firm for nearly ten hours, then partly collapsed, as did the summer house of the Baltimore Y.M.C.A. The entire veranda of the Bell Haven Hotel was washed away.
The radio compass station at Cape Henlopen is under four feet of water and boats are being used to go between the station and Lewes, Del. There has been no report from the Bethany Beach radio compass station, a few miles down the coast from Cape Henlopen.
Captain R. B. Dorry, lighthouse inspector for this district, left this city at 7 o'clock this morning to view the Henlopen Light and direct efforts to buttress it against further assaults of the waves.

Evening Public Ledger Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1920-02-06

Transcriber's Note: The Cape Henlopen Lighthouse, finally toppled over on April 13, 1926.

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