Milford, CT Trains In Rear End Collision, Feb 1916 - List of Dead and Injured


All but One of Three Score Injured in Milford Collision Doing Well --
Smoke of Freight May Have Hidden Signal From Engineer

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Feb. 23 -- The death list as the result of the rearend collision of two passenger trains on the New York, New Haven & Hartford railroad in Milford yesterday stood at 10 this morning.
Of more than three-score of injured passengers who have been or at present are under medical observation in hospitals in Bridgeport and New Haven and in private homes in both cities and Milford only Frank McNamara of Ansonia, who is in Strappa's Hospital in this city, is reported to be in danger of death. McNamara was terribly crushed. It is feared he would not live out the day...

Revised Death List of Milford Wreck
CURTIS, WILLIAM, 39, Stamford, engineer of train No. 5, which caused the collision.
TORUTELLOTTE, GEORGE L., Merrick, Mass., flagman of train No. 79, who had run back to flag No. 5.
ALLEN, CHARLES E., traveling salesman of Groton, with offices in Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
HYLAND, MISS SUSAN, New Haven, employed in the railroad office there.
CONNOR, PATRICK, One Hundred Forty-Third Street, New York city, died in hospital.
M'GINNIS, EDWARD, fireman on train No. 5.
FRYE, JOSEPH J., Springfield, porter of last pullman on train No. 79, died in hospital.
SCHAPPA, HARRY, New Haven road employe, died from scalds in hospital.
SWEENY, HARRY, railway fireman, of Stamford.
Man aged about 45, thought to be MADIROS DYHOVHANNASSIAN, an Armenian merchant, probably a dealer in precious stones by reason of letter in his pocket.


Mautro, Liberato, 41, publisher, of New Haven, laceration right side of face. Discharged.
Goetz, Mrs. Eva, 31, of New Haven, lacerated upper lip. Discharged.
Goetz, Louis, 35, husband of Eva, factory hand, shock. Discharged.
Bova, Mary, 10, of Stratford, shock. Discharged
Pollen, M. A., salesman, 16 Ashland Street, Boston. Discharged.
Corso, Mrs. Mary, 36, of New Haven, body bruised, several teeth lost an lacerated lip.
Corso, Mrs. Rose, her sister in law, of New Haven, similar hurt.
Rockwell, N. H., 25 manufacturer, of Bristol, Conn., lacerated back, injured shoulder, lacerated face.
Schecher, Charles W., 27, New Haven, railroad clerk, burns about body and face.
Schwartz, Miss Minnie C., 22 of New Haven, stenographer for railroad, burns about body and face; operated on.
Geoffrion, Mrs. Yvonne, 73 Bradford Street, Springfield, Mass., severe shock.
Donovan, Mrs. Evangeline, sister of Mrs. Geoffrion, same address, severe shock.
Linehan, Miss Bessie, 30, 105 South Street, Chicopee Falls, Mass., milliner, severe shock.
Zeissett, Jacob, 60, merchant, of New Haven, lacerated head, possible broken hip.
Hackett, J. T., chief rate clerk, passenger depot, New Haven, injury to head, operated on and expected to recover.