Delagua, CO Mine Disaster Kills Scores, Nov 1910

That the explosion was due to dust and gas is not denied even by mine officials. Early in the afternoon reports came to officials that a fire had broken out in the workings. Superintendent William Lewis immediately ordered a fire fighting force consisting of Master Mechanic James Young and Pit Bosses John Fitzpatrick and Llewellyn Evans, and placing himself at the head entered the mine to combat the blaze.
Shortly afterward a rumbling of the earth followed by flames shooting from the mouth of the mine warned those outside of the explosion. The report was heard at Hastings four miles away. Familiar with the porent, miners at Hastings and other nearby camps began calling by telephone to ascertain the seat of the explosion.
Only one telegraph connects Delagua with the outside world and this is a company line. It was kept busy answering queries and calling men to assist in the rescue. Tonight what meager details reached this city came over this line and it was nearly midnight before anything like definite information could be had.
On the way to the scene tonight is the government rescue car, in charge of J. C. Roberts, a coal mining expert, who has worked in this camp. Traveling on the same train are company officials from Denver. The party was due to arrive here in the early hours of the morning.

Colorado Springs Gazette Colorado 1910-11-09
(Transcriber's Note: Unfortunately the final death count in this mine disaster was 79 men, many in the last explosion.)
List of Casualties:
JOE ACUTO, 33, married.
S. ASAIDA, 34, married.
RAMON AVALOS, 40, married.
JOSE BEDALLA, 16, single.
M. BEDALLA, 40, married.
R. BEDALLA, 18, single.
DAVE BELL, 22, married.
JAMES BENNETT, 19, single.
R. BITTAGOMEZ, 27, married.
BLAZO BOSOVICH, 26, single.
M. CABILLA, 28, married.
JOHN CASTAGNA, 42, married.
JAMES DAUGHERTY, 24, single.
JERRY DAVIS, 16, single.
JOE DELA, 16, single.
CAMILLA DESANTOS, 44, married.
ORAZIO DESANTOS, 44, married.
RAFFAEL DESANTOS, 45, married.
MURZIA DOMINICK, 45, married.
NICK DUKOVITCH, 38, married.
FELICE DURONOS, 45, married.
CARLO ECARDE, 26, married.
E. ESPINOSA, 40, married.
S. ESPINOSA, 30, married.
YSA ESPINOSA, 31, married.
LLEWLYN EVANS, 41, married.
WILLIS EVANS, 25, single.
ANDY GIAZAR, 28, single.
ELI GIORANVICH, 27, single.
MILAN GIORANVICH, 27, married.
MATT JARDOS, 30, married.
E. J. BYRD JENNINGS, 17, single.
W. C. KILPATRICK, 42, single.
FRANK LENARSIC, 31, single.
M. LEON, 32, married.
GIOVANI LEONARDI, 31, married.
ESTAVEN LOPEZ, 23, married.
IGNACIO LOPEZ, 50, married.
JUAN LOPEZ, 25, married.
V. LOPEZ, 30, single.
P. LUNA, 25.
JESUS MARLANA, 28, single.
LALE MEDJODOVICH, 47, married.
EPH MIRALES, 25, married.
K. OGAMI, 30, single.
A. RODRIGUEZ, 27, married.
F. RODRIGUEZ, 32, married.
E. ROSILIOS, 30, married.
LOUIS SABALLO, 20, single.
JAMES SAMPSON, 36, married.
ANTON SARSON, 33, married.
A. SAW, 28, single.
PAUL SIKULIC, 26, single.
JOSE SINTERA, 28, married.
FRANK SMITH, 31, married.
L. SMITH, 22, married.
MARTIN SVIACRIO, 33, single.
F. TERONIA, 24, married.
JOE VALDEZ, 34, married.
PERAU VELANDA, 45, married.
NICK VOROTOVICH, 29, single.
TILL WOODWORD, 25, single.
JOSE YBARRA, 30, married.
JAMES YOUNG, 46, married.
ABUNDA ZABALA, 28, married.
BASALLIO ZABALA, 25, single.


Micki....did you get copies

Micki....did you get copies of the original newspaper articles I found about this? They talk about "French Frank" getting out of the mine and tell what he said when they interviewed him. Amazing to find the articles after hearing the stories for years. If you didn't get copies, let me know and I'll send you some.

Frank Leveque was my

Frank Leveque was my grandfather and in addition to being a hero for finding his way out of the mine all alone, he was one of the kindest men to walk the earth. He was greatly love, and sadly missed, by his children and beyond.

My great grandfather Frank

My great grandfather Frank Laveque survived this. If he didn't many of us alive would not be here.