Longmont, CO Jet Explosion, Nov 1955

Plane Wreckage and Murderer Photo from wikipedia

Heard Report of Crash
"We were in the coffee shop for approximately one hour, and as we were leaving I heard the cashier say that there had been a wreck of an airplane about 40 miles out of Denver", he related.
GRAHAM waived a hearing on a "peacetime sabotage" charge Monday and was jailed in lieu of $100,000 bond.
The charge carries a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
A decision is expected within a day or so on further prosecution, KELLEY said.

Waterloo Daily Courier Iowa 1955-11-15



CANON CITY, Colo., Dec. 27 -- (INS) -- Looking plump and rested, 24-year-old JOHN GILBERT (JACK) GRAHAM sat in his death row cell in the Colorado prison and cooly admitted complicity "but not guilt" in the plane explosion which killed his mother and 43 other persons.
GRAHAM, who is to enter the Colorado State prison death chamber Jan. 11, appeared calm, even reserved on the touchy subject of his guilt or innocence.

Claims Innocence
In a tone which carried conviction, the six-foot, rather handsome youth declared:
"I'm not guilty of the charge."
He was convicted of the first degree murder of his mother, MRS. DAISIE E. KING, who was blown to bits along with 43 other persons Nov. 1, 1955, when a DC6-B luxury United Air Lines plane was dynamited over a Longmont, Colo., sugar beet field.
GRAHAM was asked if he meant that although he was not guilty of killing his mother, he did have some degree of complicity.
His answer was a quiet "yes."
He added: "I did not put the bomb on the airplane."
Asked whether the plane explosion was an "accident" he replied:
"As far as I'm concerned it was."
He said his wife, GLORIA, will visit him next week for the last time but he did not say whether or not he would or wanted to see his two small children again.

Wants No Funeral
GRAHAM wants no funeral and wants his body cremated.
Showing his wry sense of humor, GRAHAM said he had already decided on his last request -- "I'd like ZEKE SCHER (a Denver Post reporter who covered the mass murder case) to sit on my lap when I go."
GRAHAM asked this reporter to do him a favor. He chuckled:
"You might put a help wanted ad in the newspaper asking for volunteers to take my place in the gas chamber."
He toyed with three books during the interview and was asked if he wanted to read any other books. His reply:
"I'll barely have time to finish these."
Asked if he would consider writing his own story to tell his side of the famous case, he snapped:
"I don't give a damn what people think."
He has insisted he wants to die and would not cooperate if a petition for a re-trial was made.
He said with finality:
"I don't want to go through that again."

The Bridgeport Post Connecticut 1956-12-27


JOHN GILBERT (JACK) GRAHAM was executed in Colorado's gas chamber in Canon City, on January 11, 1957, at 8:06 p. m. MST. He showed no remorse for the bombing, and inhaled deeply of the cyanide gas that filled the chamber.