Gilroy, CA Fatal School Bus - Car Accident, Dec 1957

Two Southland Stanford Coeds Killed in Crash

Two Los Angeles County coeds at Stanford University, one of them the daughter of a former Idaho Senator, when their car collided with a loaded school bus near Gilroy.

Misses Dorothy W. Clark, 21, of 401 S. Burnside Ave., and Nancy Ellen Harker, 20, of 1520 N. Pacific Ave., Glendale, died in the crash.

None of the 34 children aboard the school bus was injured.

Miss Clark, a senior, was the daughter of Mrs. Virgil Clark, widow of D. Worth Clark. Clark was an Idaho Congressman from 1934 to 1838 and a Democrat Senator from 1938 to 1944. He died in June, 1955, seven months after moving to Los Angeles.

Miss Harker, a junior, was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Percy O. Harker.

California Highway Patrolman Ed Snow said the coeds were driving a small German automobile when the collision occurred in [in] thick fog on Pacheco Pass Road 2½ miles east of Gilroy.

William Demichelis, 19, driver of the Gilroy High School bus, said the car came out of the fog and crossed the double line. He said he was unable to swerve out of its path.

Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA 13 Dec 1957