Fairfield, CA Auto Collision, Sep 1950


Fairfield, Sept. 20. -- (AP) -- Three persons died and three were injured in a head-on auto crash on a two-lane stretch of highway 40, three miles west of here early today.
Highway patrol officers said EITHEL N. BATES, 30, of 223 Geil Street, Salinas, who had flagged a ride for help after his truck broke down, died instantly, while 17-year-old EVERETT L. PORTER, of Vallego, who had picked him up, died in a Vallejo hospital.
LEROY COWARD, 23, of 726 W. Virginia Stree, building 90, Richmond, a passenger in the other car, was also killed outright in the smashup.
The driver of the other car, OLLIE McCLENDON, 20, of 541 Grove Street, Oakland, was injured, as were passengers EDDIE BARRETT, 27, of 135 Commercial Street, Richmond, and WOODROW PUGH, 31, of Kerman.
Coroner's Deputy Gene Gelling said the crash occurred on the south shoulder of the road to the right of PORTER'S lane of traffic. The highway patrol was investigating the accident.

The Times San Mateo California 1950-09-20