San Francisco, CA Ferryboat PERALTA Panic, Feb 1928

Panic broke out, and women and men ran screaming from the front part of the boat, fighting to get away from the water.
Some clung desperately to rails and seats and saved themselves while a number of others were washed overboard by the icy water.
The Ferry Hayward, passing on the way to San Francisco, stopped and aided in the rescue work.
Struggling men and women in the bay cried for help and on the Peralta passengers kicked out windows of the cabin in their frenzy.
They thought the boat was sinking but a moment after the wave swept over the lower deck it began rising at the forward end.

Following is a corrected list of those reported missing in the ferryboat Peralta disaster, up to and including the hour of going to press:
J. W. COLLINS, 521 Thirty-third Street; employee of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph company; married.
HUGH FINDLAY, 1010 Cragmont Avenue, Berkeley; assistant editor of "Radiator," an auto magazine; married, no children.
MR. TYRELL, first name and address unknown.
MRS. EVELYN KRAFT, Negress, 3004 Acton Street, Berkeley.
DAN PETKER, 25, 24-B Rio Vista Street, Oakland.

San Francisco Bay -- Listing of dead and missing:
FRANK TALARICO (upper) with an unidentified companion believed to have fallen into the bay, below him are the officers of the Peralta (left to right); Capt. W. H. MELSOME, First Officer NELS WHIG; Second Officer ROBERT ANDERSON, and the federal investigators who are seeking the cause of the mishap, Captain F. H. TURNER and Capt. JOSEPH P. DOLAN. At the lower left are three youths who helped man a rescue boat (left to right), FRANCIS McKEEGAN,
JOHN STARK and CHARLES DOWLING. In the group at lower right are J. W. COLLINS, reported missing, and MRS. COLLINS, with insets (left to right) of HUGH FINDLEY and DAN PETKER, also among the missing.

San Mateo Times California 1928-02-18