Half Moon Bay, CA Plane Crashes into Kings Mountain, Oct 1953 - Crew & Passenger List

Crew And Passenger List

CAPT. BRUCE N. DICKSON, 34, Pilot in command.
FRANK A. CAMPBELL, 28, First officer.
GEORGE R. MURTAGH, 28, Navigator.
CHARLES N. CATTANACH, 31, Flight engineer.
WALTER B. "WALLY" KNIGHT, 34, purser.
VERNON A. WALKER, 32, radio officer.
MISS JUNE F. ELDER, 27, hostess.
MISS AMY K. LEWIS, 32, hostess.
REGINALD F. "GEORGE" EASTOE, 50, an engineer from England.
WILLIAM J. COX, a shopfitter from Sydney.
JANOS FEHER, 39, a watchmaker from Hungary.
JOHN A. FEHER, 7, son of JANOS FEHER -- flying to the United States for polio treatment.
JOHN W. BUTTERWORTH, 52, an engineer from Melbourne.
CYRIL G. McDONALD, 60, an engineer from Melbourne.
BERNARD R. TISCHLER, 31, a clerk from Adelaide.
CAPTAIN PAUL OLUF OLSEN, 39, an Australian sea captain.
JOHN K. BRISCOE, 45, an insurance executive from England.
WILLIAM KAPELL, 31, a world-renowned concert pianist, of New York City.
MRS. JEAN AIK CHIVERTON, 65, en route to her home in Vancouver.