Fayetteville, AR Train Wreck, Jan 1892

Wreck on the Frisco in Arkansas.

FAYETTEVILLE, ARK., Jan. 18. --- The north-bound passenger train on the Frisco line was wrecked half a mile south of Wolsey's Switch this afternoon. The train was running at full speed when the two rear coaches left the track and turned completely over. The wounded were brought to Fayetteville and cared for by the local physicians. The following were hurt:
ERNST COLLINS, of Van Buren, Ark., left leg broken;
JOHN MITCHELL, Salem, Mo., shoulder blade fractured and spine injured;
J. L. HAWKINS, Salem, Mo., cut in the head and severely bruised;
J. M. EGAN, superintendent of telegraph, Springfield, Mo., serious gash in back of head;
MRS. DAVIS, of Fort Smith, bruised about the head and face;
O. REHOLS, Fort Smith, bruised about the arms and shoulders;
SAMUEL WILLIAMS, Meade Centre, Kas., cut in the head -- may prove fatal;
DICK COKE, Van Buren, slightly injured.

Rolla New Era Missouri 1892-01-23