Osceola, AR Tornado, Sept 1872


MEMPHIS, September 20. --- The officers of the steamer Julia, which arrived here to-day, report a terrible tornado at Osceloa, Arkansas, yesterday morning. The tornado struck town at one o'clock yesterday morning, and in a few minutes there was scarcely a house of building left standing, either in the town or its immediate vicinity. Horses and cattle were blown around the streets like straws, and timbers of houses, fences, etc., were strewn in all directions. For miles the cotton fields were all destroyed. Three churches and six large storehouses were blown down, and the timbers carried away. The mills and cotton gins of MR. EDDIS were torn to fragments, not any of them being left. Two men and one woman were killed, and from fifteen to twenty persons, more or less, injured; some of them, it is thought, fatally. The tornado crossed the river, taking a northeasterly direction, tearing trees from their roots and leveling fences, buildings and everything in its course. The steamer Julia barely escaped its path.

Liberty Weekly Tribune Missouri 1872-10-04