Newport, AR Fire, Dec 1882



NEWPORT, Ark., Dec. 17.----One of the most disastrous fires ever known here broke out at about 1 o'clock this morning and destroyed 60 buildings, nearly all of which were occupied by business firms. Eight brick stores are included among the buildings burned. The loss is estimated at $250,000 and the insurance at $150,000. The following are the names of the sufferers: Bertinau in whose restaurant the fire started; Sconger, groceries; Rankin, groceries; Mason, butcher; Keherman, saloon; Vagnar, barber; Nelson, grocer; Grimes, grocer; Amos, saloon; L. Hirsch & Co., dry goods; the Jackson County Bank, Monlocen Railroad eating house, J. D. Elsberry, saloon; McCullough restaurant, Samuel Dorr, saddler; L. M. Cohn, dry goods; J. Monteson, furniture; S. Brach, clothing; Owens, barber; Harris & Co., clothing; Hurley, saloon; Staley & Pylos, grocers; Bashwirtz, millinery; W. Lyons, dry goods; W. H. Bogart, hardware; T. H. Goodloe, dry goods; Dr. C. Jones, drugs; R. C. Wallace, jewelry; Simon & Co., dry goods; Bailey Brothers, saloon; John Wallace, dry goods; A. Hirsch, grocery; Mortini's hotel; Clark's drug house, the Post Office, Dr. Walker's residence, the Newport News office, the Newport Speculor office, Bertol's restaurant, two buildings owned by E. L. Watson, the last three being south of where the fire started; 175 bales of cotton belonging to M. L. Cohen; L. Hirsch & Co. and Rosen & Carto were also burned out, together with six car-loads on the track of the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad.

The New York Times, New York, NY 18 Dec 1882