AR Tornado - Piney, Loudon, Wellerville, Jeshro, Louisville, Patterson, Berryville, Mulberry, Cravens, Nov 1908


Half a Dozen Towns Almost Completely Destroyed and Score of Lives Wiped Out.

Path of Storm Said to Have Been Two Miles Wide and Seventy Miles Long - Heavy Property Loss, as Well as Long, Death List.

Little Rock, Ark. -- More than a score of lives were lost and many other persons were injured in a tornado which swept the northwestern section of this state late Monday, demolishing several towns and razing vast tracts of timber.

The tornado approaching from the southwest, crossed the Arkansas river several miles south of the settlement of Piney and proceded is a northeasterly direction. It swept through the towns of Loudon, Wellerville, Jeshro, Louisville, Patterson and Berryville and outlying portions of Mulberry, either completely wrecking or laying waste the larger part of these places and destroying timber and crops throughout the intermediate country.

At Piney is is said that twelve persons were killed and a number injured. Practically the entire settlement was demolished.

At Loudon three lost their lives.

Wellerville and Jeshro were practically destroyed, several fatalities occurring in each place.
In the vicinity of Mulberry the death list is placed at seven.

At Berryville, one woman, MRS. J. O. HOSKINS, was seriously injured and several other persons sustained lesser injuries. A path 100 yards wide was cut through the town, six buildings being completely wrecked and a number of others damaged, either being torn from their foundations or unroofed. Here the property loss is estimated at about $25,000.

From the outlying districts considerable damage to property is also reported, but no loss of life.
At Lodi, three buildings were destroyed and one woman was seriously hurt.

Advices from Lewlsville [sic], from the western part of Lafayette county, report the destruction of several buildings at that place, and at Palmes considerable damage to property, as well as injury to a number of persons, is reported.

The tornado swept through a section of country two miles wide and seventy miles long. The force of the storm was greatest in the vicinity of Ozark, Ark., the small town of Cravens, four miles west, being completely wiped out. Four persons were killed and three fatally injured.

MR. and MRS. HILL, an aged couple, who were caught in the collapse of their house and crushed.
A grocery store in which several people had taken refuge was blown to pieces and all the occupants were more of less injured. DR. CROKER, of Lenall, Ark., was slightly hurt.

Grand Valley Times Moab, Utah 1908-11-27