Judsonia, AR Air Force Transport Plane Crashes, May 1982


Judsonia, Ark. (AP) -- An Air Force C-130 transport plane carrying seven crew members exploded in flight and crashed in a blinding fireball, and authorities reported no signs of survivors.
Sgt. DALE COOPER, a public affairs officer at Little Rock Air Force Base, said early Thursday that the likelihood of survivors was remote.
White County Deputy Coroner RAY JOHNSON said bodies had been found in the wreckage, but he did not know how many.
The Air Force said it wouldn't release the crew members' names until it knew if they were alive or dead and notified their relatives.
Witnesses said the plane, on a training flight from the 114th Tac Airlift Wing at Little Rock Air Force Base, exploded at about 3,500 feet at 8:35 p.m. Wednesday. The plane was carrying seven crew members at the time, said S.Sgt. JOSEPH COTTON, a base spokesman.
"There is just wreckage there at the site," said state police Cpl. LEROY DAVIS. "Everything is practically burned up."
The Air Force said the plane was with four other aircraft when the accident occurred about 60 miles northeast of Little Rock.

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