Vinita, AR Tool Bridge Collapses, Sep 1904


Many Others Hurt by Collapse of New Arkansas Structure.

Vinita, Ark., Sept. 22. -- The east pier of a steel tool bridge, being erected over Grand River at Carry's Ferry, ten miles each[sic] of Afton, fell at noon, killing two men, fatally injuring three, and injuring twenty-one others, some of whom suffered broken limbs. The dead are THOMAS BROWNING and HENRY BECKER. The names of the others are not obtainable to-night.
A messanger from the scene states that 100 men were at work at the time, and the pier collapsed with no warning, owing to faulty construction of the foundation. The bridge was of steel, on stone piers, and was to connect the east end of the Cherokee Nation with Vinita, and to take the place of the ferry between Afton and Grove.

The New York Times New York 1904-09-23