Jerome, AR Auto And Train Crash, July 1964


By United Press International.
Seven members of one family were killed Saturday when their car smashed into a freight train at Jerome, Ark., in the worst traffic accident in the nation this weekend.
Killed were HORACE HARBER, 37, Warren, Ark.; his wife, MARY MARGARET, 34, and five of their children; HORACE, JR., 11; SUSIE, 9; JOHN, 7; CAREY, 3; and a six-month old baby.
DANNY HARBER, 5, the only survivor was in critical condition at a Dermott, Ark., hospital.
Late Friday three young persons were killed when their pickup truck collided with a freight train at Hershey, Neb. Killed were Ruben Sanchez, 19, driver of the truck; his brother, Paul, 10, and Steve Reyes, 12, all of Hershey.

The Cumberland News Maryland 1964-07-20