Huntsville, AR Private Plane Crash, Mar 2002


Huntsville, Ark. - A small plane crashed nose first into a ditch, killing two men and their two teenage sons who were heading home to Texas after a fishing trip.
The single-engine plane appeared to circle once or twice and the engine sounded as if it shut down before the crash, witnesses said.
The plane's four passengers died on impact, state police said.
"From what some neighbors said, I would say they must have had a fuel problem or something like that," said Roy Dale Reynolds, a volunteer fireman.
Killed were 46-year-old WILLIAM ANDERSON, the plane's pilot; his son, SCOTT, 18; DOUGLAS SLOAN, 48; and his son, CRAIG, 18, all of Arlington, Texas.
The plane crashed just after 10 a.m. about 10 miles southeast of Huntsville in the northwest part of the state. The plane had departed from Baxter County Regional Airport in Midway.
The Federal Aviation Administration
was investigating the cause of the crash. There were no storms in the area at the time of the crash.

Indiana Gazette Pennsylvania 2002-03-21