Crawfordsville, AR Children Suffocated in Locked Ice Box, Aug 1953


Money Gifts Will Help New Start

Mrs. Hallman, mother of the five children who died, said nothing has been done about the old box on the Hallman porch, as they have been away, “but we are going to get rid of it right away.”

I’m real proud the children are laid out so pretty,” she said. The family gave consent for visitors to see the little bodies in open coffins. The coffins were closed just before the services. Mrs. Hallman expressed gratitude to the citizens who are giving money to help them get a new start.

We plan to move to another house in about two weeks,” she said.

All of the money given to the Hallmans will be used by them to get a new start with their surviving children. Burial policies took care of $150 funerals for each of the five children.

Kar-Hill, Inc., 282 N. Cleveland, wholesale beauty supplies, took care of the burial lot and the opening and closing fees, a total of $150, and gave $7, which was left over, to the family. Mrs. Richard Stevens, manager, said the money was given by the company and employees. When Mrs. Stevens learned the funeral expenses were taken care of, she decided to use $150 of the money to take care of the cemetery expenses.

A total of $605 was acknowledged yesterday, of which $300 was given at Citizens Funeral Home. Today $115 more had been received there, much of it in $1 contributions.

The Press-Scimitar this morning had received $141 more. This, plus the money received at Citizens and the $157 from Kar-Hill, totals $1018, all of which went to the family except the $150 cemetery expenses.

Contributions for the Hallmans received by the Press-Scimitar today included: Dewey W. Lamkin, 1508 Madison, $5; F. S. Miller, 1299 Carr, $25; Mrs. Henry Odeen, $10; W. K. Barrett, Shrine Building, $5; Lee Hunt, 81 Madison Building, $1; Mrs. Ben Melvin, 4926 Shady Grove Road, $25. Mrs. Mary J. Abele, $10; Kelley & Jamison, $10; J. E. Rainey, 2161 Court, $5; James P. Gavin, 99 Clark Place, $5; Anonymous, $2; Anonymous, $5; Garner Bros. funeral directors, Grenada, Miss., $1; Dr. Hugh Wyatt, $5; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Trower, 3643 Douglas, $25; Bessie Strong, 323 S. Pauline, $5; John J. Welsh, 694 Anderson Place, $3; Marie Schaut, 716 Avalon, $2; and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Marsh, $5.

Memphis Press Scimitar, Memphis, Tennessee, 1953-08-15