Guy, AR House Fire Kills Eight, Feb 1958


Conway, Ark. (AP) -- Eight persons, including three small children, perished Sunday in a flash fire near Guy, Ark., which destroyed a small frame dwelling used as temporary living quarters.
Three persons escaped.
Sheriff Joe Castleberry identified the dead as FRED WIEDOWER, 51; his son, FRED MACK, 10; DAN HENDERSON, 65, and his wife CORA, 64; their son-in-law and daughter, C. B. MARSH, JR., 37, and MRS. MARSH, 21 and the MARSH'S two daughters, DEBRA DIANNE, 4, and MARTHA JANE, 2.
Those who escaped were FRED WIEDOWER'S wife, BONNIE, 44; their son, DALLAS, 21; and JOHN C. GLOVER, about 50, who lived with the WIEDOWERS. The HENDERSONS and MARSHES, residents of Tangburn, Ark., were visiting.
MRS. WIEDOWER, who jumped out of an upstairs window, was hospitalized with burns. GLOVER suffered only a cut hand and DALLAS WIEDOWER, who also jumped through a window, was unhurt.
Castleberry said the 5 a.m. blaze apparently was touched off by a downstairs wood burning stove whch was started an hour before by FRED WIEDOWER. The officer said the flames quickly spred through the small structure, which had been lined with cardboard.
The WIEDOWERS and GLOVER had cnverted the small smokehouse and garage into temporary quarter while constructing a new house, the sheriff said. The old house had been torn down.
The WIEDOWERS and GLVER operated a 100-acre farm in an isolted rural area sotheast of Guy, about 50 miles north of Little Rock. Guy is about 28 miles northeast of Conway.

Montana Standard Butte 1958-02-03