Eudora, AR Bus And Automobile Collision, Oct 1955


Eudora, Ark., Oct. 3 -- (AP) -- Seven persons are dead of injuries received when their auto collided head-on with a bus returning a football team to Little Rock, Ark.
Seven occupants of the bus were injured. EUGENE REED, the driver, and CHARLES SANDERS, a football player were in serious condition. Extent of their injuries was not immediately known but they were reported being taken to University Hospital at Little Rock. Both are students at Philander Smith College.
Eudora Police Chief W. H. Mathis said the auto swerved into the path of the bus on U.S. Highway 65 just north of here. The accident occurred about 6:30 a.m. Sunday.

Oakland Tribune California 1955-10-03



Eudora, Ark., Oct. 2. -- (UP) -- An automobile speeding along on the wrong side of the highway slammed into a bus filled with members of the Philander Smith Negro College football team at Eudora's city limits Sunday, killing instantly the seven occupants of the car.
Seven of the 30 persons on the bus were injured. The team was returning to Little Rock, Ark., from New Orleans after a football game with Dillard University in the Louisiana city Saturday night.
Only two required hospitalization, however. Among the five not badly hurt was Philander Smith coach M. L. SULLIVAN.
The dead were all Negroes and occupants of the car, driven by CURTIS STANLEY of Little Rock.
Acting Coroner A. O. Roscher held an inquest immediately and established that the STANLEY car was on the wrong side of the highway and going at an excessive rate of speed when it crashed almost head-on with the bus on a curve in the highway.
The impact of the crash between the team bus and the 1953 model sedan occupied by the seven Negroes, practically welded the two vehicles and sent the entangled wreckage of the bus and car careening across the highway to sprawl into a ditch. A wrecker had to pull apart the mangled remains of the automobile to remove the seven bodies.
Only three of the seven dead were identified immediately: driver STANLEY; JESSE STANLEY of Little Rock (no relation established) and JAMES HOFF of Eldorado, Ark.
EUGENE REED, driver of the bus and player CHARLES SANDERS were seriously injured and the only ones of the seven taken to a hospital in nearby Lake Village, Ark., to be confined.
The whole team was stranded in Eudora until the bus carrying the band and cheerleaders could go on to Little Rock, deposit its passengers and return here for the wreck victims.

San Antonio Express Texas 1955-10-03